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About Us

LegitCar employs big data to solve the problem of vehicle theft in Nigeria by providing a theft-status check platform for used cars buyers to ensure they are not wasting resources purchasing stolen vehicles that will get them into trouble with law enforcement. This is particularly important since about 70% of stolen vehicles end up with innocent car buyers; thus we intercept these stolen vehicles at the point of resale, serving as an effective vehicle-theft deterrent, and making our communities and country a safer place.


Features you will love


Shows year of manufacture and type vehicle once you input the VIN in the space(s) provided.


We maintain and continually update our database of locally missing vehicles, enabling theft-status checks to determine if a vehicle has been reported stolen in Nigeria.


Enables vehicle theft victims who have duly reported the incident to the Police provide us the details of the missing vehicles so we can make them DIFFICULT TO RESELL AND EASIER TO RECOVER.

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You can check the theft-status of a vehicle in these easy steps.

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