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Stolen Vehicles Check & Ownership Verification

This service is most suitable for users buying locally-used vehicles. Using a vehicle’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), a search can be made on our web application ( to determine if a vehicle has been reported stolen. The vehicle’s License Plate Number is also required to verify the vehicle’s registration and confirm authorisation to sell the vehicle from the registered owner.

This service costs N3,000 per search.

Vehicle History Report

We have the Carfax and ClearVin Vehicle History Reports available. This service is most suitable for buyers of foreign-used vehicles that have not been used locally. A vehicle history report chronicles the life of a vehicle abroad, and contains information such as Accident History, Actual Mileage, Maintenance History, Date of Shipping to Nigeria or another destination, type and number of users, etc.

The service costs N5,000 for the Carfax Report, and N3,500 for the ClearVin Report.

Vehicle Registration Check

This service checks Nigeria’s vehicle registration records to confirm that a vehicle has not been registered in Nigeria. This service is suitable for buyers who want to purchase vehicles that have not been used or registered locally.

This service costs N5,000.

Vehicle Pre-purchase Inspection

This is the only service where physical contact with a vehicle by a LegitCar team member is required. Before a vehicle purchase is made, a LegitCar Vehicle Inspector physically examines the vehicle, scans all the electronic systems of the vehicle with our state-of-the-art OBD II equipment, and generates an initial report. After analysing the vehicle’s Carfax Report and registration data, a final report which also contains expert purchase advise is issued. This service is suitable for discerning car buyers who need every available information about a vehicle to make an informed vehicle purchase decision.

This service costs N30,000 per vehicle.

Remote Vehicle Inspection & Evaluation Service

This is an AI-Powered vehicle evaluation service for vehicle insurance use cases. The service uses image-recognition technology to detect defects in a vehicle's body, and scores the vehicle over 100. The service is also able to detect pre-existing conditions in a vehicle during claims filing and automatically rejects fraudulent claims.