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LegitCar's mission is to build Africa's largest vehicle verification company.

Our vision is to help every individual and organisation in Africa make informed car buying, car maintenance, car insurance, and car resale decisions through access to data.

We have proprietary data on vehicles reported stolen in Nigeria, and have access to the data to verify from the registered owners of locally-used vehicles if the vehicles are actually for sale. We also provide third-party vehicle history data from Carfax (US), ClearVIn (US), and VinDocs (Lithuania), that chronicles a vehicle's life history before being shipped to Africa.

The Subscription-based maintenance service enables users subscribe for one of the best vehicle maintenance and repairs service money can buy, avoiding costly out-of-pocket repairs over a period of time.

For the B2B and Insurance industry, we are developing an API-based service that will completely remove the need for physical evaluation of vehicles, helping them price their premiums instantly and more accurately, and saving them billions of dollars in operating costs. This vehicle verification API cuts down the time it takes for an insurance decision to be made by insurance companies from an average of two weeks, to just about five minutes. Our API is able to instantly tell the estimated cost of a vehicle, the real mileage, and the physical condition of a vehicle employing a Machine Learning and AI component being developed in collaboration with Microsoft.

We also have a suite of bespoke APIs tailored to fit every organisations’ need.